Human Heart

Human Heart Anatomy and How they Work
Heart The human heart is a specialized; four-chambered that maintains BLOOD flow in the hearth circulatory system. Located in the thorax, it lies left of the body’s mid line, above and in contact with the diaphragm. It is situated immediately behind the breastbone, or sternum, and between the lungs, with its apex tilted to the left. At rest, the hearts pumps about 59 cc (2 oz) of blood per beat and 5 l (5 qt) per minute, compared to120-220 cc (4-7.3 oz) per beat and 20-30 l (21-32 qt) per minute during exercise. The adult human heart is about the size of a first and weighs about 250-350 gm (9 oz).

Blood supplies food and oxygen to the cells of the body for their life needs and removes the waste products of their chemical processes. It also helps to maintain a consistent body temperature, circulate hormones, and fight infections. Research indicates that the heart it self produces a hormone like chemical. Brain cells are dependent on a constant oxy…

Cholesterol will break your heart system

Why cholesterol can break your heart system? more understanding about this please find here Cholesterol to break heart system.

Cholesterol can find in some meal like meat and eggs and also can find in several fishes.

Cardiac Defibrillator

What is Cardiac Defibrillator?
Early defibrillation is a critical component in treating cardiac arrest. To use defibrillator and monitor should be people who have trained rescures, first responders, and hospital professionals. In addition to providing the very latest cardiac life support technology, uniform operating system, and trained people can minimized failure and ease of use is maximaized of helping people.

Type of Cardiac Defibrillator:
Emergency Defibrillator. This device is specaially designed to withstand the crash, tumble and boounce environment of EMS. Monitor Defibrillator. This device is simple, smart and ready to provide clinicans with comprehensive support for resuscitation. Other type is suitable for military and air medical operation.
Advisory Defibrillator Model. This model offer a family of products to meet your clinical needs from BLS to ACLS. This product range from AED and Advisory defibrillator model to manual units and critical care transport (CCT). Other ty…

Animals With Five Heart

This news may don't know by many people because this knowledge is very ancient. Generally every creature have one heart but Soil Worm have five hearts. So they can't die if you just cut them into 2 until four parts. Each part still have heart so that they still can supply blood to the whole body and this part can alive with create new network on their body, even every part of Soil Worm will make head and tail by them self.

Heart Attack can come any time

We have some experience of heart attack problem on the factory. People who have heart attack history in the previous time, can get heart attack any time when he work on the plant. We don't know when heart attack will come, because many reason can causes heart attack. Hormone stability of this person also can become the trigger of heart attack. Emotional disturbance and work pressure can make their heart attack come if the body condition weak.

Unfortunately we can't detect when heart attack will come, people who have heart attack problem on the previous time usually can feel if their heart attack will come. But the bad news that this people don't tell anyone if their heart attack will come. This condition make the first aid for heart attack can be delayed and too late. The first aid for heart attack if their heart don't beat is make the heart beat using defibrillator. On our plant always provide this tools in the control room to make the first aid for heart attack or ot…

Congential Disorders

Congential heart disease implies failure of the fetal heart to develop normally, leading to many mechanical imperfections, some fatal and others causing disability. Most birth defects of the heart develop in the first trimester of pregnancy. The pregnant woman, for example, may contract an infection, such as German Measles (rubella), have malnutrition, or smoke heavily, all possibly associated with fetal heat defect.

When congenital defects prevent blood from being pumped normally through the lungs, Cyanosis, or blue baby syndrome, occurs. The congenital abnormality in this case can be an opening between the right and left sides of the heart (septal defect), together with the obstruction of blood flow into the lungs,. The infant body tissue receives unoxygenated blood; the symptom is blue coloration of the skin.

Other congenital defects do not cause cyanosis but may increase the work the heart must do as a result of ineffectual blood shunting or the obstruction of blood flow. For exam…

Avoid of Rheumatic Heart Disease

Heart is the human engine, which have function to circulate blood to all the body tissue and distribute nutrient to all body part needed. If the heart have problem all part of the body can have malfunction because of food supply is disturbed. One of the problems on heart is Rheumatic Heart Disease. Formerly heart disease attach to childhood and adolescence. Rheumatic heart disease can damage to the entire heart system like its membranes.

Rheumatic heart disease happens after have rheumatic fever for along time and affected to the heart function. Rheumatic fever itself result from untreated strep throat. The effect of chronic rheumatic heart fever can damage the heart valves, which have function to open and closed the circulation to the heart. If the valve function have permanent damage, this condition is called as rheumatic heart disease.

The symptons of rheumatic heart disease like breathlessness, fatigue, palpitations, chest pain, and fainting attacks. Rheumatic heart can happen to …